Ice Road Trucking - Pay and Risk

Ice road trucking is one of the most dangerous, tiresome and lonely of professions. There is disaster waiting to happen in many ways. Truvk driver's vehicle can skid off the road,jackknife and crash. Many days of sleepless driving nights can cause falling asleep behind the wheel. As a result one rig can plow against the other. If a rig breaks down, the driver will be exposed to a blizzard causing death. The North western terriotries are home to polar bears who prey upon humans and sometimes the stranded drivers can be victims. The terrain surrounding the truckers path is very bleak and cruel. Apart from nature's harshness, there is also the posibility of their heaters going out. The bigest nightmare of an ice road trucker is to have his rig plunging through the ice and sinking to the bottom. The sunken rig and the trucker inside need to be retrived by the rescue drivers. It takes a will of steal and a little bit on insanity to endure the challenges.

It is undeniable that the adrenaline rush keeps the trucker moving. However, the perks of all the perils is the monitery gain. It is estimated that on an average a sum of $2,000 (canadian $) is paid for every run. The lakes are forzen for just two months in a year and every trucker wants to make the most of this spell. The trucker who makes the most number of trips during this time (2 months) can earn up to $60,000 (canadian $). During unforeseen circumstances like mechanical problems with the rig, it could actually be a losing proposition for the trucker.

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